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Old 08-16-2000, 06:34 AM
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I just want to rant and complain about my last visit to the shop a week ago. I went to get a routine oil change at this M-B shop that seems to have very good prices. Well, after they were done, I went home and what do I notice?! The guy didn't tighten the screws that hold the belly pan! In fact they were barely screwed on that I was amazed that no screws fell off, let alone the entire belly pan!!! This was about a 16mile trip from shop to home.

I could have gone to a nearby shop to get the belly pan screws tightened, but I wanted to go back to that place and let them know what happened so they could be more careful next time. Ugh, another 16mile trip.

I know it was just a minor careless mistake, but I wish they would be more thorough next time. It's a nice shop, and I like the competitive prices it has for oil changes, $23.00 after fees are included. But the service is a little low. The head mechanic doesn't like it when I ask questions or when I'm curious about what they're doing to my car. Ugh, when I went back to get the screws tightened, I felt like it was my fault for coming back! But over all, the people seem nice and knowledgeable; it's just these little things that is such an inconvenience to me and for them.

Anyhow, what careless mistakes have some of you experienced at shops?

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