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I hope you won't be offended if I point out that you "got what you paid for".

To put it bluntly, as a shop owner I can tell you that I can't write and execute an invoice for $23. The phone call, the writing of work order, the payment process, and final accounting cost more than that, let alone a "chat session"... and you wanted oil TOO.

These type of services are designed to sell work. For years I would get offers for free trips to the Bahamas all I had to do was get beat-up by a time-share salesman for a few hours. Once was enough.

Many of us shop owners are forced into this market even though these tactics are abhorent to us. In these cases work can get sloppy.

Our shop has a $29 oil change service - for competative reasons, but we do not do it unless we have done the most recent yearly service. In other words it can only be done as an extra oil change between 30k, 15k, or 7.5k services. Like this: 15k, OS (oilservice), 7.5k, OS, 30k, OS etc.

I hope that because I pay my techs by the clock hour and not flatrate that they won't be sloppy. Flatrate is the more common system, ask yourself what there is for the flatrate tech in that $23 service. Time is absolutely money to a flatrate tech.

Even though many of us fix cars because there is nothing we would rather do; we do have to eat (bg).

Steve Brotherton
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