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Here's a worse one - this one about service so cheap it was free - an wrecked an engine. My neighbor was on his way back from cottage country one weekend and stopped before his trip home to fill up with gas. The service station kid offered to check the oil and her agreed. Oil was down a quart and they topped it off (paid for the oil, service was free. Anyways, about an hour later the low oil come on, and since it had just been topped up they ignored it (admitedly a dumb thing to do) and half an hour later the car engine ground to a halt. Seems the kid at the service station forgot to put the oil cap back on and they lost pretty much all of the oil out the top - good by engine. I do two oil changes in a row myself and then have the third done at the dealer along with other service so they can do a full inspection at the same time. Nobody like to shell out to their mechanic, but they can be your best friend and worth a bargain in the long run -even at dealer rates.

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