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Does anyone know what the engine number in the casting?116.018 from Germany

Hello, does anyone have any information on an imported 450SEL?
Someone brought their car to the states from Germany.
The chassis numbers are 116033-12-094228
The engine should be 117986-12-050002 but the left side of the engine block has 116.018 cast in it. I have been told that the number on the casting is important and this engine may not be the same as 117.986 . I need to locate the proper right side camshaft,cam tower bearing set and cam oiler kit.I can only assume the european cam is different but will the bearing towers be the same? The spray bar is 10mm O.D.
Any and all info will be greatly appreciated. This car has been so good to us for so long that we took for granted it may be difficult to find parts or info when the time comes. Thanks again
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