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help... poor braking power

Just replaced the brake booster, main vacuum hose (& no vacuum leaks traced in the system) overhauled the vacuum pump, replaced all brake hoses and caliper kits on all wheels, and bled the system through the calipers. After which, I tested the car, it has very little braking power. Still old problem... when the brake pedal is depressed the feel of travel is normal however it has below normal stopping power. When it is depressed consecutive times, the pedal gets stiffer and stopping power is further reduced. Can it be that bleeding was not sufficient? If so, what is the right procedure for this?
The only thing that was not replaced is the brake master cylinder... can this be the cause??? Brake master has no visible leaks even when the brake booster was replaced.
Pls help me with this... Thanks for your insights.
- Tippee
84 300TDT
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