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Hi all,

I took my 500E for the 105K mile service, and asked them to flush radiator as well. They also replaced the thermostat stating that diagnostic revealed it did not open all the way.

Now it runs really hot in slow traffic or spirited driving reaching 115 or higher when it used to run about 90 to 100 degrees. I was pissed and took it back to the dealer with a big what's up with this temp? This time they decided to exchange the thermoclutch on the engine fan and checked the new thermostat and told me it was fixed (wrong!).

It still runs hotter than it ever did. I put in some water wetter but it did not help much. My question is what the hell could they have done to my car in the 105k service that would have messed up the cooling? They certainly can't seem to figure it out and I hate the idea of them just replacing parts until they stumble onto something.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions,

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