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No start, wipers always on

Well, Iíve searched the web and this site to the best of my googling abilities to no avail. I have an M103 1988 W126 300 SEL. Initially, I thought I had a battery going bad because the car wouldnít turn over, or even make a sound when I first turn the key. If I charged it, it started up just fine. Now, Iím realizing that if I just hold the key a little bit longer, the car will eventually start. The odd thing is this is intermittent. And when I have trouble starting the windshield wipers always turn on, even when they are fully turned off on the stalk. Usually, if I turn off the car and restart, it will restart but the windshield wipers will be off now. On the occasions when the windshield wipers donít come off in unison with an attempted start I have no difficulty starting it. I have no idea where to even start looking. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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