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Question W202 Alarm Gone Wild... Please help.

All, I have searched the forum without much luck. Our 1999 C230K's alarm system is acting screwy. When you push the lock button it turns all the inside lights on and they will not go off. The doors do lock. I found this out the hard way after leaving it locked in the garage for a few days and the battery died.

It has been doing this for about two weeks that I know of. But for the last few months up until this new behavior started, it would not flash the parking lights on lock or unlock, and the inside lights WOULD NOT come on when you opened a door or unlocked the car.

So it has been acting up for a little while. I hope its not some central lock module that costs a fortune, anyone know any info that could help? Its a big PITA to have to lock the doors with the remote with the drivers door open, manually turn off the lights and then close the drivers door without it being locked.

TIA for any help.

E. J.
2003 ML500
2000 A62.7T
1999 C230k
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