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W126 Steering Questions

I have done some research using the search function here on the site, but I still am not clear as to what to do.

I have a somewhat loose steering on my 1989 560 SEL. I though that I might approach this as following, and I have a couple of questions:

1. I'd first replace the steering damper. This looks to me like an easy job, and at 104k miles does not seem like a waste of money, even if it is not the source of the problem (though I suspect it is).

2. I see the idler arms have a repair kit available. I don't know what the idler arm(s) is/are, and I can't make it out from the CD diagrams. Is this something I should undertake?

3. The center tie rod ("Center Link"?) comes in one piece. Is this usually replaced, i.e. can it introduce play? From the diagrams it would seem that replacing it would not be hard, and would not affect wheel allignment.

4. The tie rods (left and right) have ball joints - is there a need to replace the rods, or just the joints? I am well aware that replacing those would require a new allignment (obvious from the diagrams). How do I diagnose if I need to do these?

Thanks for any help!
Henry Bofinger
1989 560 SEL (black/black)
2001 Audi TT Roadster (silver/grey)
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