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ok - so I can just rotate the pulley by hand on the bench to get the new oil circulated? I guess I'm not sure what force this would take. I've read in some compressor installation threads/instructions (one from here) to get that tool from autozone to circulate the oil in the new compressor.

Also, another couple of noob question.

1) When people refer to pulling a vacuum on the system for an hour - does that mean you are running the vac pump for the duration of the hour? or does that mean you are pumping down to a vacuum state, and then shutting pump off, and waiting an hour while it's held at vacuum? really basic question, but I just want to be sure.

2) Do ya'll recommend a top or a side can tap when working with old cans of r12. (sure, I wish I had a big canister and wasn't dealing with taps, but what I have are the old cans).
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