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If you have tire work done at a dealer check the pressure guage on their air compressor. You can usually hear the compressor running and locate it. Just check the guage. Chances are it is over 150 lbs., esp. if the company does truck tires. The one at the place I USED to use was i75lbs. He put new tires on my wife's car. Some time later she had a flat and by the time those that stoppped to help had given up the lug nut was rounded over. She called me at 10 pm. and I had to drive 30 miles to rescue her. Three cans of tire sealant. and stopping every 5 miles for air finally got us home.

The next day I had to heat the nut and use a chisel to get the nut off. I checked the other nuts and they were all way over tightened. The piss ant lug wrenches that are supplied with the are hopeless on a good day and certainly no match for impact wrench on steriods.
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