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Drive it hard. It will love you. I drive my 93 190 2.6 pretty hard every day - not abusive, mind you - I let it warm up and rarely pound the throttle to the floor (I'll ease it down there instead). But I see no point in lagging down the freeway at 2700rpm in "D" when I can be having fun at 3800rpm in 3rd. Plus, when I want power I've got it on tap and it runs all the way up the redline (my auto shifts and I don't know what a manual would do BTW). It won't touch redline flat-out in D - I tried going through Oregon and had it stalled out just shy, flat out, but that took almost 13 miles to get it that far. Altitude, maybe.

These cars are indestructible, as long as you maintenance (sooner than spec if driving it hard a lot) and let it warm up (tranny too). I supose high revs wear an engine quicker, but...
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