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I've pounded the M103 in my 300TE relentlessly, and at 169k miles it still only goes thru a quart of Mobil1 15W50 every 3,500 miles or so. I add 1 quart between changes; when it asks for the second I change it out.

I beat my '88 Accord LXi senselessly for 275k miles; at 260 or so the oil pan rusted out. Upon replacement I was STUNNED at the cleanliness inside that motor. A compression test by a Honda guru revealed a motor that was virtually new. Don't try that at home, kids.

My point is that I maintain my cars fastidiously, and believe quality motors will withstand a thrashing if given the proper care. Fluids (brake, coolant, diff) & lubrication services, valve adjustments when applicable, hose replacement before the first one goes (I do them when they're 10 yrs old), etc. Beats a breakdown every time.

So go on; have some fun!

Best regards, Michael
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