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Just as an update, the starter died at 46,700km...the car left me stranded in the rain...luckily, when it died, I was parked at the side of the road in front of a friend's house...had to push the car around the block to the back to the house before we could do any troubleshooting since it was raining like crazy in Vancouver...whacked the starter housing with the back of a wrench while a friend cranked the car and the car finally came to enough steam to get the car back home...called the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Richmond...they wanted $530CAD before 14.5% taxes for parts and labour to replace the starter...called an independent shop...they wanted $430CAD after taxes for parts and labour...a friend of mine who had a dead alternator in his '92 325i suggested me taking the car to a place called Samco which just rebuilds starters and alternators...found a shop called Euro-Tec in Richmond that was willing to uninstall/reinstall the starter and let the car sit on the jack while the starter was rebuit for $90CAD...drove it to Samco and got the starter rebuilt for $65CAD...he said the starter was completely fine...except for this small copper piece that he showed me...which had two circular burn/etch marks in it on both ends...anybody have any idea what this is? He said it was such a small problem, but it definitely prevented the starter from operating properly...he said he did not have that part, so he had to manufacture it in shop...ran it back to Euro-Tec and they re-installed it...I don't know WHEN my next problem with this car will occur...but I am beginning to get really really really fed up...although I was able to escape this problem for only $155CAD...I dunno where my next problem will occur and when...I feel like I am throwing the dice everytime I go to start the car in the THIS is Mercedes-Benz reliability?
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