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380SL climate control problem

hi to all and thanks for a very informative bord!
i have a problem that i hope some one will be able to help me with,
a few days ago i got into my 83 380SL, after starting the motor i attempted to get the heat on, pushed the bottons and nothing happened... meaning, the fan will not go on at all, now this was the final blow i guess.. ( the climate control would only give full blast heat since i have bought the car abut a year ago,)any wey, knowing that the control unit(the box with the bottons) has acted up before, i hurried to my local Mercedes salvage yard and bought a used control box(pn 107.830.26.85)and as expected,the fan came back on,(still only full hot) so, being who i am, i was looking for answers, i opened the bottom cover on the old control box and noticed that the center of the printed circuit is showing signs of getting hot, i qwikly touched the newly hooked up box and it was very hot!!! i promptly disconnected it, next thing to do was to research this great web site, came up with two good ideas, first, to check and see if the auxiliary water pomp is not seized or dragging ..(simple enough, i disconcerted it) second thing, to check the monovalve (took it apart, looks fine, also left it un hooked!!) i reconnected the control box ,ran the engine, and to my dismay, the box is still getting warm ,and fast!! i need help!!! thanks, mike
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