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front left shock or spring noise on w126


Right before winter started and before the tempreture began to drop, I began hearing a somewhat loud noise when ever braking or accelerating. The noise comes from the front left wheel, and the best way to describe the sound is that it sounds like someone's belching. However, once the tempreture dropped below 50 or so, the noise went away. Now that spring has arrived and the tempreture began to rise again, the familiar sound is back. When I push down on the front left fender I hear the sound clearly, so I am sure its from the suspension in that area. Before I tackle this problem, I would like to have an idea of what this could be. Does this sound like a spring problem, shocks, or what? As of today, the car has 179,300 miles. Looking at the shocks, it appears to be the original stock ones. Its all white.. if that helps with anything.

Anyone with any suggestions? Also, a guess of how hard the job is? Perhaps a list of what parts I may need to purchase? Any info will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
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