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Don't get fed up, mercedes last forever. Occasionally there is a bad one, but overall they are great cars. I don't understand the guy with better luck out of a ford than a mercedes. I own a winstar that breaks regularly, and my father who owns nothing but fords has a failure rate that to me is intolerable. My mercedes on the other hand, has over 200k miles on it, and the only work I've done to it is change out the timing chain(did it myself) and some problems with the blower motor(again, worked it myself). I've done all the oil changes, filter changes(air, check valve, fuel, etc...) since I bought it years ago and the thing just keeps on going. I have yet to take it into a dealership, or any garage for that matter. This summer I will replace the camshaft and valve seals as well as the injectors due to wear(head gasket also, check the gap on the pistons, etc...) but that will only cost me around 250$ american(hopefully). If you ask me, that is a pretty low cost maitenance on a car that is 15 years old now and driven hard.
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