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Once closed loop is established any fixed duty-cycle is considered a fault.

I would suggest getting a new replacement as the problem you are seeing is a result of normal wear. It shows up first at around idle as this is the single most common wear point. Idling on the expressway surely contributes.

Anorther reason to look for a new one at the moment is this: I just this last week replaced a 103 airflow meter. When I looked it up I found that the number had changed and the price had just about doubled to a MB list of over $800. I buy regularly from a couple of vendors that I have online access. The one that is the same source as Fastlane already knew of the price change and was the more expensive of the two. The other one still had the old list and was over a hundred dollars cheaper. These guys are really on top of these things and it is very unusual for them to be much different in price. It is an event that won't happen for long.

If you played your cards right you should be able to still get one for less than $500.

Just looked and fastlane still shows list at $462 and they are selling it at that list, which is a pretty good deal.
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