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Originally posted by artpb
The good news is they are almost always worth fixing. I budjet about $800 per year for maintenance on my 300SD. Over 5 years that's $4000. A big expense one year may be balanced out by minimal expenses in ensuing years. Think long term! These cars were designed for the long hall.

If you bought a less than well maintained car then it will take a few years to catch up with the issues. However if repairs are effected with Mercedes parts you are looking at another 100,000 plus miles before you have to face these problems again. Not considering normal maintenance items of course.

I probably save enough on insurance on my older cars to pay for most of the maintenance costs.
As well as tag fees, bank payments, etc.....I figure it saves me at least 300 a month, minimum for a car payment that I haven't paid in years. Three more years and I could have paid for two more cars in the ensuing time period. Instead of buying 3 cars, I bought one, that has lasted as long as 3. How can that be bad economics?
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