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Hello Greg,

thank for your reply. Your suggestion to write a letter to SA sounds interesting but as for I not being in the US I don't think I would ever be paying them a visit and why take their time when I would be of no benefit to them.

It was another relatively hot day today - the cooling action was really good. I suppose there is nothing I can do but wait, try and see what happens. I mean, the AC will either work or it will not. If not I am not willing to spend any more $$$ on it. Having a window open reminds me of a SL(K) which was my dream anyhow However, as for now it seems the system works fine.

One more question though - there have been suggestions that with time the freon collects more and more humidity from the outside air, forming HCl that harms the system from within.

How can an overpressurised system collect humidity from low pressure outside air and form HCl that harms the system? A leak from high to low is an obvious option, but how can something (like humidity) transfer from low to high pressure area? It would make sense to expect that nothing can enter an overpressurised system, would it not?
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