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hello friends. on my 1975 280se 'S' class my drivers side [right hand side australia] heat control slide lever is jammed. won,t slide up or down. I,ve pulled off the control unit, taken the radio out and found that system works on a lever setup which is able to function if it wasn,t being hindered internally somehow. this particular lever controls the heat section so it must somehow turn something on and off internally in the heater. Is there a way of accessing the inside of the heater without pulling the whole dashboard and interior out or is the heater a sealed unit anyway? I seem to remember the previous owner saying once that a small object [tiny cigarette lighter maybe] fell thru the top demisting access holes many years ago, but he wasn,t sure it was so long ago. boy is this a tough one!
any advice would be appreciated on this one
there is nothing extenal that seems not to be in working order so something inside is obviously the culprit.
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