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Thank you Alain, for your response.

Starts right up, cold, and the idle has been good on warm up. When it hits around 85-90 C, the idle jumps between 600 RPM and 2000. Sometimes it dies coming down. The temp will go to about 95-100 C, the thermostat opens and the temp comes down to about 85-90 C again. After fully warming up it ran so quiet and smooth, I couldn't even tell that it was running (at about 600 RPM).

The other day it started idling very rough under any conditions, stumbling and slow to rev when throttle was applied. When it dies it can be hard to start, but was not before a few days ago. I have seen no black smoke or any smoke, but on the re-start it sometimes has an odd fuel-like smell. I have not run it more than 20 minutes or so to see if it goes away but it doesn't seem to go away as it did before.

A few weeks ago I lubed the throttle linkage with lithium grease and cleaned the Carb at the air cleaner intake, then the problem started to appear. I don't think they are related, but I may have done something. I know the idle control is related to many sensors. Maybe I banged a temp sensor or something on top of the motor. I don't think so but it's possible.

I have become frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated and if there are any other questions, please ask away!

'85 500SL (Euro)

Added: I see in the service manual CD that the washer motor seems to be the ground for the air pump clutch. Is this right? Also, the Flasher seems to be the ground for the Switchover Valve Solenoid. Is this correct? My washer pump is off the vehicle and the flashers aren't working. Are these connected?

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