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timing chain, tensioner trouble ???


the patient is a 92 400e with 80k miles. somehow still think that i am lucky to have found it. after stilling for 5 days, went out to start it one morning, and for my trouble got a good couple of seconds worth of noise - sounded like rocks in a hi-c can...about a month or so later it happened again. pretty much assuming that it is the timing chain or tc tensioner that is the culprit but am looking for input since it does seem kind of early for that sort of thing millage-wise. if the tensioner is not holding pressure, wouldn't this occur more regularly? part of me is nervous, the thought of a chain going is not pleasant. part of me is thinking that i might as well wait until i get the rattle at startup consistantly or 100k, whichever comes first. would really appreciate getting some feedback on this one. thanks.
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