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Question Fault Codes....

First of all, I have researched extensively on the various threads and have tried a few of the fixes mentioned. Today I go over what I have here and head for the Benz to see what may be the actual fix needed. I pulled up a code off of the connector next to the battery, the one with the button and LED, and get 15 flashes. I do it again to make sure I counted correctly. Did some more looking on here and for my car/engine 15 flashes is "not assigned". I did the reset and the CE light is now off. Any ideas from anyone as to what may have caused this to happen? It's a '91 300SE 3.0 w/193,000 well taken care of miles. No problems with driveability, no increase in fuel consumption, smooth idle, plenty of power when needed. The day the CE light came on I was just tootling down the highway at about 50 MPH and hit a slight dip in the road, nothing major just enough to let you know that it was there, and on it came. I had been on the road already for about 30 miles and like I said it was and continues to run fine.

I want to take a moment here to thank everyone who posts here with tips and suggestions, the Webmaster, and Moderators, without you many of us would be pulling our hair out (and I am missing some on top already) trying to figure out these fine automobiles we love so much. I met the Webmaster (can't remember his webhandle) and Benzmac at their shop, very nice guys.
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