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I plugged the EGR valve and it certainly made a difference. Car runs much better and it was so easy to do.

The banjo bolt is a new item for me but it will serntaly be cleaned as the shifting from 4th to 3rdaccelerating slow traffic is not gentle at all. More like a big clunk.

Despite telling my neighbours that I have no more work to do on the car, I need to do a valve adjustment, but from what I can gather there are a number of speacial tools that I will need, or can it be done with straight spanners?

Injector cleaning is also on the list but I might leave well alone for now.

on I read the FAQ on turbo oil drain seal replacement, it did seem a tricky procedure. What do the these seals look like. I did order some from mercedesshop and what I got was two ~1/2" O-rings? I expected something more substantual?


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