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KUBANG! Scott is right, as usual.

I have been "on-board" since the Open Discussion Forum was created. Here are my observations:

Originally, when the group was small, we "agreed to disagree." People had different viewpoints, but were able to express them and "listen" with an open mind. This has changed...

Look at the topic of the War in Iraq. There are still a great number of members that simply use inflamatory remarks without thinking about the fact that each person has thier own opinion, and reasons behind them. For those of us that were sitting on the fence prior to the war, we were all branded "peaceniks" and basically labelled as idiots. Trying to find a real discussion on the merits of each position was pretty much impossible. I gave up using this forum as a source of information to expand my understanding. Of course, it works the other way too. Some simply expressed their "anti-war" opinion by calling all those supporting action "war-mongers."

To the subject of automotive knowledge as a part of the Open Discussion Forum, it pretty much faded away. The topics involving the more esoteric areas of MB ownership dried up, and when initiated, greeted with fire. I've had some great MB adventures over the last year, but don't feel like sharing after getting hate-mail repeatedly filling my in-box. While I have a thick skin, even I get worn down.

The thing that worries me personally is that the open Discussion Forum will cause MB-Shop to implode, and we'll lose the best part: Steve, Donnie, Gilly, and the other numerous techs that provide their time and knowledge free of charge. Why would they bother to spin wrenches all day and then come home to posts complaining about the speed of tech response on the site?

Hopefully Scott's excellent post will be logging as many views as the Pretty Girls thread, and we'll keep things civilized...
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