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Transmission leak...

Hi Joel,
Maybe you are actually on a good site for this question, as I installed an Astrovan engine and transmission in my '82 300D/4.3L V6 a couple years ago. All transmissions are about the same in that they have a seal that goes around the driveshaft, like a ring, and is installed into the tailshaft housing in the transmission. This seal is a little hard to install, but can usually be replaced by just dropping the driveshaft, prying the old seal out with a suitable tool, and putting the new one in. I usually use some gasket cement on the OD of the new seal, where it contacts the tailshaft housing, and I always fill the "gap" in the seal, where it contacts the driveshaft housing, with grease. I usually turn a wooden block on the lathe so it mates up with the rear side of the seal, and so it has a hole for the tailshaft, and a suitable area to hammer on. Sometimes a person can find a real big socket that can be used to seat the seal, or a piece of cast iron pipe - whatever works. Just be careful not to bend the new seal! The reason these seals go bad is usually that the rubber gets hard due to heat and aging. A word of caution - sometimes premature failure of the rear seal can mean a balance problem with the driveshaft has caused slop to develop in the bearing/bushing that the driveshaft is supposed to be centered in.
Good luck on the repair!

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