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Re: Here's Some Tips . . .

Originally posted by longston
3. Do you have any respect for seniority? Whether that means that someone has been a member here longer, or is older and/or more experienced than you, try to respect their seniority. This forum isn't like some others where new members are automatically thrown to the wolves and treated like crap. People here usually will give you the same kind of respect you give them. Look to see how long they've been a member, and get to know them better before you give a knee-jerk reaction to something they post. Remember that respect and courtesy is an intersection of two-way streets.
As a matter of fact, I do not care how old anyone is, and I do not think it is relevant at all. Recently, Tobasco started going off on me calling me an ill-informed yuppie for liking BMW's. In reality, he is old enough to be my dad, but he acted like a 5th grader in the way he attacked me (just ask RickG or Spock). Just because somebody is older than me does not mean they are more intelligent, more logical, smarter or that their opinion should be given more consideration than any other person's.
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