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Unhappy Blower motor w124

!!Weird problem !!
The blower motor was not working. I checked the wiring going to the blower. The control wire (yellow) was putting out approx. 3.5 volts. I pulled out the blower motor. The bearings seemed to be the culprits. To make sure I oiled them and reconnected the blower.
It started running and would not stop even when the ignition key was turned off. Where does it get the power to run? There are three wires going under the blower motor ) black, red, yellow) and 2 wires coming out from the same area (red, blue) connecting to the blower motor.
Did I pull too hard on those 2 wires and cross connected something or did I break something else while removing the blower motor ?
Please help.
Also, does anybody know what is the size of the replacement bearings for this blower motor ? (w124 1988)
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