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Removal of Door Trim Panel

Mr. Gonzalez,

As I remember, I ran a small putty knife in between the door and the panel to locate the fasteners and then used my fingers to pull out near the fasteners. Start alon the bottom edge and work uyour way up the sides. I would recommend not prying with a tool other than fingers as there is a plastic film between the door frame and the panel. Once the door panel is off, you can pull the film loose and roll it up like a scroll. I could'nt take it all the way off because the loudspeaker was rivited in on top of it, but I could get it out of the way. I drove my car without the panel and with the film rolled up for several days until Phil sent me the new parts.
To keep the windo up, I wedged in some of the little suction devices that people use to hang things on glass. They look like the ends of the suction darts our dart guns shot when were kids.
If you use the heavy rivets supplied with the parts, you will need a really heavy duty pop-riviet gun. Just take your time. You can do this job.
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