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I have never seen a manual that had everything in it.

The CD is all the manuals that were produced. (or almost) They were designed for professional technicians. From my point of view they spend too much time talking about disassembly and reassembly issues. A professional tech wishes theory of operation, wiring diagrams, and test procedures.

DIY requires assembling as much info as one requires. Much of this is considered basic to a trained technician. There are lots of places to find general and DIY info and once that is assembled you will require what is available no where else better...the CD manuals. Just the wiring diagrams, which are imposible to find in print in as complete of an assembly, would cost as much or more than the CD. Print the diagram in question and mark it up with crayon and when you figure out you did it wrong print another. Spill a beer on it (I mean spill a can of oil on it), print another. Tape them all together to form the whole car.

I very seldom use the CD because I very seldom use manuals for those old cars. When I need something I find it simple to find quickly in the CD. Sometimes the books are harder to find. The manuals are also much easier to use if you understand MB's number system.

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