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Yes unfortunately 2016 was the last M/Y for any diesel MB in the USA. A true tragedy since I feel it is a superior engine technology and you can’t beat the fuel economy and the torque. Everyone compares the cost of running gas vs diesel but they forget that every MB made (except for a single year of one of the W201s that I can’t recall at the moment) requires Premium fuel, which in most areas of the country is more expensive than diesel. Even if premium is more expensive than diesel then you still have 25% better mileage on diesel than gas.

So is there anyone on here with experience with the VW issue, was that a mandatory buyback (i.e. did the government force you to turn your car into VW and receive a check) or were you allowed to keep it if you wanted to? Just curious if they are coming for my 2014 ML350, my wife will be severely upset, she loves that vehicle and does NOT want a gas burner.

I heard there are hundreds of thousands of TDIs parked in the Mojave waiting for a settlement, and then a software update, and then VW plans on selling them as used cars.

I am hoping some sanity can come back to the EPA, and we can get the unobtainable standards relaxed to where we can reasonably produce these cars without having to resort to unreasonable technology chasing the last bits of pollutants. I’m not saying we need to go back to the 60s where black clouds billowed out of everything but just back to where it’s sensible.
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