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Originally Posted by jay_bob View Post
So is there anyone on here with experience with the VW issue, was that a mandatory buyback (i.e. did the government force you to turn your car into VW and receive a check) or were you allowed to keep it if you wanted to? Just curious if they are coming for my 2014 ML350, my wife will be severely upset, she loves that vehicle and does NOT want a gas burner.
I owned a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI with a 6 speed manual transmission. I purchased the vehicle new with 40 miles on it.

It was such a nice car. I averaged about 43 miles per gallon and sometimes saw up to 48mpg on a tank. That thing had the ability to go about 640miles on a single fill up. Way farther than my wife's bladder. It was super comfortable, quiet and reliable and quite quick. At the time VW took possession of the car for the buy back it had 178,000miles on it. I didn't want to give the car back to them but the $14,500 check they cut me was too much money to pass up as that was about double the price of what I could ever hope to sell it for.
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