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No need to watch the movie. If you have sufficient room on your hard drive, install the complete CD in it's own folder. Next, look through the folder for your specific manual, let's say "300E", the file you are looking for will be "300E chassis" or something similar, with the internet icon. Create a shortcut of that file and plop it on your desk top. Now when you want to work just double click that icon and you are right into the manual, no movie no selecting which model. Very quick If you don't have the room, find the file on the CD, make the short cut and leave the CD in the drive.

These manuals are great although indexing would make things quicker. Granted they are not written in a step by step process, which is what I think most folks want. The step by step is in the CD's if you read closely. The directions will say" remove XXXXXX (10-300), remove bolts holding the part in question, etc. That 10-300 refers you to the section of the manual where you'll learn how to remove the itm blocking what you need to replace.

It also helps to take some time and read through, or at least scan over as many pages of the manual as you possibly can. Makes finding the needed sections quicker in the future. Much easier to do with the books though.
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