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CD Manuals

I too am extremely disappointed in the CD manuals. I find them almost useless for parts identification and exploded diagrams. While us DIY'ers may be a small minority of MB owners, it would not cost MB anything to put _real_ manuals in the parts book as something which could be ordered like any other part.

I've had Jags where I can get a shop manual that details everything down to every nut and bolt, and I have a CD for my BMW which does the same. The MB CD is barely one step beyond the Owner's Manual, IMHO.

I guess I will have to bit the bullet and buy the Stu Ritter book, even though it is reputed to be mediocre for the true DIY'er. To me it's a sin that good manuals can not be had from the OEM. Remember when GM cars included the postcard in the back of the owner's manual to order the shop manuals?

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