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Although the Haynes manuals I have are definitely aimed at the DIY, the Integra shop manual I have and the Helm's for our G-30 m'home are designed to be used by the techs at the dealers - or any other pro. The Helm's is no model of organizational perfection, but it has never misled me, and always mentions any peculiarities with the chassis in question. The Acura manual is concise yet complete, and is a joy to use by any reasonably adept DIY or any shop.

If the CD contains fuzzy images and a belt-change procedure lists nothing more than 'remove, replace', I would call that a problem. A tech unfamiliar with the MB belt tensioning system could easily destroy it if there is no procedure and no description of its function. You can't expect to have a MB service center handy wherever you might run into trouble, and if the shop that does the work has only 'remove, replace' to go by...

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