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Thank you for your advice. The caliper has been redone during the cars restoration 12 years ago. It worked fine last 11 years (500 miles of usage) until this summer. It froze and overheated. It was overhauled last week again, reinstalled and during the test drive did not release agin...froze again and overheated again. When (immediately after driving the car) I released the brake line - the fluid became white smoke and hissed out for 30 seconds.
I will have caliper redone again. but this time I will replace a flexible hose as well...
When I tested the wheels before the second test drive ( jacked the car up...pressed on the pedal and released the pedal-the rotor was free...but during the drive on the road it did not release..
Thank you for your coments.
Originally posted by jeffsr:
You have a binding caliper piston. When you say the calipers were done, what was done?? The pistons on most designs passively release pressure on the pads(rotor)when pressure is removed from the brake pedal (return springs in master cylinder and pedal linkage). If the piston is binding, then I would look for a out of round piston bore or some type of mechanical distortion. If the left front is releasing, then it's probably not the master cylinder or pedal linkage. That left front caliper needs to come out and gone over again..

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