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Thumbs down Well, my head gasket just popped...

BUMMING, because it happened a month after having my timing chain and top/bottom covers resealed.

My tech is talking $1000 to do the job (groan). That's gasket-only, as the guides are in pretty good shape and compression is 185s across the board. Adding valves and guides would tack approx. $1000-1200 to the bill - or so he says.

Started seeping at 75k miles (this is a 1993 - 2.6 - 1993). No real loss of oil, no drips, nothing but a littel stain/grit accumulation, UNTIL it became a BIG leak in a hurry. Usual scenario - back of engine and leaking down into the aero pan. I noticed a few drips two weeks ago and now I park it on the street because I'm losing a real amount of oil. Will bite the bullet and get this done as I can't STAND leaky cars (my driveway is pretty pristine).

Still, what a nightmare. F-!

Anyway - I'm at 130k miles on the orginal. That's got to be worth something.
1992 190 2.6
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