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Red face leaking head gasket

Anyone out there with leaking head gaskets or wiring harness problems found in their Euro C180? Mine has started to show harness wires at the tips near the engine with wire insulation going hard and crinkly and splitting(because they are exposed to the engine's hot sides without any thick rubber type insulation). Are the leaks to be expected in the 1994 C180 model or is it expected in all Mercs using that type of engine(not necessarily of the same cubic capacity) and harness wiring too? Cannot(touch wood) see any obvious leaks yet on the top or rear end of the motor, but my tech says that last month he saw the usual tell tale signs under the engine block. It has not started dripping to the floor yet. I keep the car in my garage and will find out when this happens. Wonder what the cost will be to repair here???
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