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OK! Back from our new track in Blytheville, Arkansas. It's an old SAC base with over 11,000 feet of pretty good pavement and an elevation of something like 285 feet (I don't remember numbers well but it's something like that).

The April meet had terrible weather (cold, rainy, and windy) but we did get in some runs. I used this as an opportunity to get Mutt out of mothballs and see if the new turbo was going to work OK, not leak oil, etc. Running at 20 PSI boost I pretty much replicated my best speeds at Ohio with a 126.6 (the new folks running the track are only reporting speeds to 1 digit) with bad winds so I was good with that.

Now onto June - 136.2!!!!!!! That was with 25 PSI boost. The EGT's dropped to 1050ish at the end of the track, down from 1160 or so. All in all, Mutt LOVES more boost! So I'll add another 5 PSI (maybe more) for the next meet. 140 is looking like a real possibility.

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