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Nope. Land Speed Racing (LSR). These are the fastest cars on Earth. NOT the quickest, the fastest. We don't care how long it takes to get to the end of the track, just the terminal velocity once you get there. And no, we don't even measure the time, just the top speed. You might want to look up Barney Oldfield, Sir Malcom Campbell, Mickey Thompson, Bert Monroe, and any of the other greats. I'm certainly NOT in their company but the quest for the highest possible speed has been occurring since the dawn of the automotive age.

And so I hold the ECTA track record for F (engine class, 2-3 liters) Diesel Truck (the body classification). There are probably something like 600 automotive classes and maybe 1,000 motorcycle classes.

I THINK I have the fastest OM617 in North America though of course I can't be sure of that. There IS a faster F/DT that runs at El Mirage but I don't know what power they use (might be an OM617, might be something else).

Please don't tell me about how fast your OM617 is unless you have a time slip from an actual track with calibrated timing in your hand - then I'll be the first to congratulate you. No, GPS doen't count as we've found them to be off and the faster you go the higher the inaccuracy becomes. GPS reads high at speed but is pretty good at 70ish MPH.

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