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Originally Posted by KarlGustav9 View Post
Hi, i have problem with my transmission, about 2 months ago my fourth gear started needing high revs to engage, all of my other gears work and change fine, but my fourth gear needs about 3000 - 3500 rpm to engage. I've changed the K1, K2 pring kits B2 break (brake?) band teflon seal and the thrust pin about half a year ago, but this issue starterd about 2 months ago, what could be the issue ?


Would you expand on the statements about needing "high revs (3000-3500) to engage"? Is 3000-3500 the engine speed in 3rd gear at the time the 3-4 shift is initiated? Is that the increase in engine speed that is reached during the shift (a flare situation)? What road speed is involved? What is the shift quality in the case of a full throttle, (or kickdown) 3-4 upshift. [A WOT (or KD) 3-4 shift will be above 100MPH in many MB models.]
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