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Originally Posted by Corvo Gold View Post
Hello all,

I'm getting closer to wrapping up my 300 TD 5 speed conversion. Another list member sold me the proper driveshaft combo, which required replacement of the transmission and differential input flanges.

A couple of simple questions I can't find answers to:

- What is the torque spec for the nut that secures the trans output flange?

- What is the torque spec for the nut that secures the diff flange?

- Any special instructions before I crank down on either nut? BTW, I'd like to replace the pinion seal on the diff too.

So close!

Many thanks,

corvo gold

For the trans flange nut, torque is 150Nm (112lb/ft).

At the diff, the process is a bit more involved. Before removing the original flange, the running torque that is required to turn the pinion and ring gear assembly should be determined. That is best done on the bench, or if in the car, with the axles removed from the diff. The running torque is the torque necessary to keep the pinion turning after break-away.
When the new flange is installed, the nut is tightened progressively until the same running torque is achieved.
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