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Originally Posted by Corvo Gold View Post
Okay ... I didn't do any of that before removing the flange retaining nut.

- What is meant by "break-away"? I'm assuming when the car isn't in gear but still rolling?

- As much as I hate to ask, what is plan B? Although it may not be optimal to simply torque it on, what is a safe torque setting for the diff flange?

corvo gold

Break-away torque is the extra torque (as compared to running torque) required to overcome seal friction and initial lubricant drag. Both of the terms refer to turning the pinion with an inch-pound torque wrench (of the dial or beam type) with the diff assembly on the bench.

There is no published tightening torque for the diff flange nut; that said, 75-80 lb-ft should be enough to preload the bearings.

2.65:1 is a ratio that was used in the 210mm diff, not in the 185mm type found in W123 & W124 chassis.
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