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Replacing the differential may come at some time in the future if I find acceleration to be unbearably slow.

Part of the problem is that I'm under a time crunch. I'm an Army officer about a week away from journeying to another installation, whereupon I turn around and deploy virtually upon my arrival. A crushing workload as of late and prepping for a move really impacted my progress, which is why I'm scurrying at the 11th hour to button up this project.

I ended up torquing the pinion flange to 80 ft-lbs. I know it's not optimal, but I'm afraid good enough for government work is where I'm at. The 190/260 driveshaft is in and fits perfectly. However, the bolts for the flex disc for the diff end are too long, so I'm going to have to stop into the local Fastenal in the morning since I don't think Home Depot sells 10.9 grade hardware.
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