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Check Engine Light

I've done a search on the possible causes of a check engine light and have come to the realization that there are many possible reasons. I'm hoping that by describing my situation as detailed as possible there may be some clue as to the reason for the CE light.

My CE light first came on 5 weeks ago. Looked up the posts. Disconnected the battery to reset the CE light. CE light came back on almost immediately. Looked up the posts. Disconnected the EGR tube that runs around the back of the engine. Looked clean and the entry into the engine return looked clear (in reference to the Stevebfl post). Reconnected the tube and the CE light disappeared until today.

Last week Thursday, on the way back from work, the car had some rough idling while I was waiting for the signals. The rough idle disapeared by the time I got home which is 5 miles away. Got out of the car and smelled a strong rotten egg odor. I had not had that type of odor from the car for over 4 years and this time it was VERY strong. Thought the rough idle and odor was from some bad gasoline, the gas level was low. Next trip that evening, no problems: The CE light had not reared its head this entire time, and there was no recurrance of rough idle or odor.

The car takes quite a few short trips (~5 miles). This weekend I ran the car 80 miles round trip at around 80 mph. Filled it with a new tank of gas as it was down to less than one gallon (15.5 gal fillup on 16.4 tank capacity (Not a good idea to run the fuel level this low?) Mileage was the standard 20.5 mpg for the last tank. This afternoon (Monday) on the way to lunch the CE light came on. No recurrence of the idle problems or odor problems since that one trip. Car is running smoothly and well. Any ideas? I will eventually have the codes read. I realize I'm reaching here. Do you think running Techron would help since the car has so many short trips?

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