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BTW, this is an excellent example of what and when to take something to email. If Spock has issues with me personally, why make everyone else have to deal with it too? It detracts from the point, and has no relevance to the topic at large. But, screw it, here we go . . .

Originally posted by SP0CK
I have also gotten the impression that you think you are always right. Newsflash - You are NOT always right. You can write as articulately as you want, have plenty of facts and still have a debatable premise.
My dear Spock, what you are saying is quite illogical.

First, you have stated that you have the impression that I think I am always right. An impression is defined as a feeling, sense, or vague notion. So, by definition, if anyone has an impression then, it is theirs alone, because they created it within themselves. For another party to be responsible for that impression, it would have to be a willful act on their part to validate said impression. And, as you are unable to truly ascertain what I think, then you have made an assumption or a supposition that is neither based upon fact nor logic.

I freely admit that I try very hard to post factual and accurate information on this forum. And by that admission, it could be said that I am making an effort to always be right when doing so. But I am more than willing and able to admit when I am wrong, and have done so on more than one occasion. Any impressions that you, or anyone else may have to the contrary are inaccurate.

How can one be articulate, have plenty of facts and still have a debatable premise unless someone else is equally capable and willing to debate it? They would need to come to that debate also armed with their own facts to back up their argument. This is mirrored by our judicial system where attorneys are paid huge sums of money to find any possible way to provide a counter argument. I simply debate and argue from a quite comfortable position of logic and rational thought that is based upon my own acquired knowledge and life experience backed up by actual research.

Originally posted by SP0CK
Another thing I have learned, but still don't always adequately realize, is that not everyone ENJOYS my sense of humor. In fact, they might find it irritating. If I am aware of this, I will respectfully STOP irritating them. You may need to consider this as well.
Well stated. But as the bard once wrote, "To thine own self be true...". My mention of that one single aspect of my own sense of humor was meant to serve as a metaphor of a worst case senario. My point was that someone may just be making a humorous comment, not going out of their way to intentionally insult someone else. For instance, sometimes we set ourselves up to be made fun of or be ridiculed in a good natured way. We probably deserve it, and it should be accepted in the spirit it was given, not instantly defended as an attack on our character or values.

Originally posted by SP0CK
Also, what did you mean by "I myself, left these forums as an active member because of the lack of active self-moderation." Meaning you did not do a good job of moderating yourself??

Last of all, you are being redundant using "I and myself" in that sentence. Try grammar check!
:p (ps notice the cons)
Here's another example of how experience and maturity plays into this issue. I could get defensive and tell you what an "inexperienced moron" you are, but instead, I will now punish you by explaining it all in gross detail. :p

In this case, the use of "I" and "myself" together stresses my previous inclusion with the other MIA's that were the original subject of this thread. The use of variations of this are very common. For example, they themselves, he himself, she herself, and we ourselves. Used alone, they read in the Tarzan, Tonto, & Frankenstein style, but when used in a sentence, they are generally meant to convey inclusion to a group. To simply say "I left these forums..." does not convey the strength of that inclusion. In another acceptable style, I could have written "I left these forums myself..." but what followed would have changed the intended meaning of the term "active member". I chose the structure I used because I thought it was the best way to show inclusion with the subject group by use of the term "I myself", and to qualify the term "active member".

As for my use of the term, "self-moderation", it's clearly linked to the subject of THE forum membership being self-moderating, not to me. For it to have the meaning you imply, I would have to have said, "MY lack of self-moderation". (Although some people might argue that both cases were true. ) The point was that we should, and can, moderate ourselves both as individuals and as a group, without having to constantly call on the official moderators to intercede.

So, if your questions were valid, hopefully you have learned something. If they were meant to be your way of expressing your own sense of humor, then this was mine.
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