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Originally posted by rjnonnie

The risk is yours, I also have a problem replacing something which is not broken. I recommend that you closely inspect the rubber on the harmonic balancer. If you see the any crackes in the rubber it will fail soon. Mine went out at 78,600 miles.

In what order would you rate your 3 cars (Acura, Jaguar, Mercedes)?
Can I inspect the rubber simply by looking inside the engine compartment or do I have to remove the main engine fan to get a closer look?

My 3 cars... they are very different cars for different purposes... I really can't rank them together, it wouldn't be fair... I guess I'd have to rank them like this:

1) Acura - This car is my all-purpose car. When I say this, I don't mean it's my daily driver, although I do use it as a daily driver sometimes. It has the best (IMHO) nav system available and is great for going places new. It is the fastest and best handling of the three. I have spent about $3000 on wheel, tires, and sway bars for the car and it handles great, VERY confident and sticky in the corners. The car is not so expensive that I'm afraid to have a bunch of friends pile in and go out for a night of dinner and partying, etc... I can order some food at a drive-thru and eat in the car comfortably. And, for a total out the door cost of $32,000 I have a car with xenons, leather, 260hp, 6-CD in-dash, moonroof, DVD touchscreen nav, etc... basically every option is standard on the car for $32k AND I can use it for ANYTHING:
weekend driving, dinner dates, commuting, road trips, whathaveyou... I think this is pretty rare. PLUS, I can say that after over two years of ownership, and 50K miles, I have never had a SINGLE problem with this car. I change the oil every 15k miles with mobil1, and that's it.

2) Jaguar - Basically, the point of this car is for sunday driving and going to fancy restaurants and snobby affairs. It is the sexiest looking car I have seen in YEARS. I simply am in love with it. However, it's had SO MANY damn annoying problems (oil leaks, electrical failures, leaking antifreeze, etc...) that it has soured the experience for me. BUT, I will say that I am a VERY picky person and I find every little problem with my cars.

3) Mercedes - This is my daily driver, I use it for commuting. It's a sexy car, it is dependable, and it feels the most solid of the three cars that I own. I love the look of mercedes, I love the engineering behind mercedes (I was going to get a C32 back in late 2000 but they kept delaying the release and then kept delaying the COMAND system so I got my #2 choice, the Acura).

So anyway, if I am FORCED to rank them, that's my order, but honestly, my reasons for owning them are SO different, that it's really not fair to say the mercedes is "#3" or "last" simply because it's my daily driver and that the Acura is "#1" or "the best" simply because it's so versitile and reliable. There are times the Jaguar is "#1" to me and there are many times the Mercedes is "#1" to me.

Anyway, sorry for the long response but I had to be a bit verbose in my attempt to accurately convey my answer to your question!
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