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I switched to Euro lights and got a much better, more usable beam pattern. I then replaced the 55/60 watt H4 with "Hella H4+30" redesigned H4 bulbs, part 78150, which have the same wattage but a slightly redesigned filament and a trace of xenon gas for "30% more light" and less scatter. Noticable improvement again, with a slightly whiter light. My next step will be to install the 10 guage wire and relays described in the star article and at Susquahanna Motor Sports home page . (I bought the Hella bulbs here as well.)
This should minimize resistance to the bulbs and let them run at full potential. By the way, I replaced the fog H3 bulbs with the Hella coated 55 watt H3 bulbs, part 78136Y. This gave me fog lights that appear white when the lens is viewed from the front of the car, but the light on the road is yellow! I drive with my fog lights on in marginal wheather, and had no problem with oncoming drivers when the beams were yellow on the stock headlights. However, when I changed to Euro lights, the fog lamps were white, and since they are located next to the headlight, oncoming drivers sometimes would flash me to dim my lights. There is enough yellow on the road with the Hella units that the oncoming drivers no longer flash their high beams at me. Hope this helps out.

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