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In addition to what everyone said about the wiring harness not being able to deliver sufficient power to the lights and heat build up, you'll want to reconsider using 100/110W bulbs.
Plain and simple they are too bright and a hazard to other motorists.

It can take up to a 1/2 an hour for a person's night vision to re-adjust after lighting a cigarette in the dark. With that kind of candlepower, not only could you accidently damage someone's eyes, but you could also cause an accident.

the only time you'll need lights that bright is when you're running in pitch black at over 80 mph.

Downgrade to something like 55/65. They're plenty.

A simple test is to stand in from of your car and to the side, roughly where someone in the oncoming lane would be...stand back about 50' or so, then have a friend switch on the lights. This would simulate you turning from a cross street and the light bems cutting trhough your field of view...I promise you it's not pleasant.

Better yet, have someone drive your car past you (make sure you're crouched at roughly the same height someone sitting in a car would be. Then you can see what happens when the distance closes.

Don't forget, just because the lights aren't pointed directly at someone, the "wash" could still impair their vision.

Drive safe


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